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No other API let’s you build FinTech faster. Our platform connect with over 15,000 financial institutions and returns data formatted for your application. Whether you need transactions, cashflow, or a complex metric, we have a solution that’s right for you.”

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Using our RESTful based JSON API, developers can quickly integrate data aggregation into their applications and retrieve financial data from over 15,000 institutions. We provide a streamlined process to connect with banks, credit cards, investments, loans, bills and more.

  • Account Data
  • Transaction Data
  • Relevance Data / Custom Endpoints
  • Alerts and Notifications

Relevance Engine

What if you could start using financial data without having to develop a complex logic layer for your client? Our Relevance Engine performs real time calculations and delivers customized data to your application. We build endpoints for almost every vertical in financial services.

  • PFM - Budgets, cashflow, categorization
  • Lending – IAV (Instant Account Verification), average balances, NSF
  • Wealth - ROI projections, Investment analysis
  • Debt - Debt payoff, spend tracking
  • Fraud - Suspicious activity, risk score
  • Custom endpoints based on your requirements

Build Products

Start developing with the number one FinTech API on the market. Check out our developers portal to see our documentation or request access to our sandbox. If you don’t want to build your own app, let us create one for you. No other platform gives you more tools.

  • RESTful API (JSON)
  • Financial Data Aggregation
  • Relevance Engine
  • Alerts Engine
  • Custom Endpoints
  • Powered Web Apps