About Us PowerWallet

Financial empowerment is a right- not a luxury.

In 2008, the recession hit. Millions of Americans lost their jobs, homes and the financial security needed to care for themselves and their families. With decades of experience in the industry, Bob Sullivan, a financial services leader and entrepreneur who specialized in technology and online financial education, saw a need for a tool that would help people get control of their finances and understand their entire financial picture.

Bob, along with his team of elite software engineers, spoke extensively and honestly with real people who were having real problems. They listened and learned. It soon became obvious that due to the present economic climate, people’s financial woes extended far beyond credit card debt, loans, jobs and mortgages—they were much more encompassing. It was clear to this enthusiastic financial technology team that in order for families to secure a solid financial future, they had to build an engaging and easy-to-use platform that could manage and track all income, spending and debt. So that’s precisely what they did.

After studying numerous online platforms, and factoring in the current financial environment, Bob and his team first determined exactly what consumers wanted and needed. They then set out to develop the most effective, user-friendly planning tools and tactics possible. While doing all this, they also stayed true to the team’s belief that financial empowerment is a right – not a luxury and that this new program was going to be simple and accessible to everyone. And that was how PowerWallet was born. Today, PowerWallet is an invaluable personal financial planning tool. It’s a program to help everyday people rebuild and secure their finances not just during a time of economic crisis, but for years to come.