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Bob Sullivan President & CEO

Bob Sullivan, President and Chief Executive Officer of PowerWallet, is an experienced Internet entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience working in leadership positions at top financial services and technology companies. Bob, who began his career in mortgage banking and worked in numerous senior positions within this industry, is a noted Internet visionary who was an early proponent of using the Web to expand the footprints of mortgage companies. His key career highlights include joining Mortgage.com in 1999 and serving as part of the team that positioned the company as a leading industry pioneer. He later served as President and CEO of OpenClose Technologies, a Mortgage.com subsidiary that developed software for the mortgage industry. Inspired by the potential of the Internet to bring significant value to consumers, he decided in 2007 to leverage his expertise in online technologies to launch Newbaby.com, the world’s first video-based educational portal for expectant and new mothers. In 2009, Bob decided to return to his financial roots and launch Financial Literacy Solutions (FLS), a provider of educational videos for homeowners who had been adversely affected by the financial crisis. This experience led Bob and his partners at FLS to recognize an unmet need and growing demand for more powerful online financial tools for homeowners and other consumers. Once again, the Internet visionary responded by creating the solution: PowerWallet. Bob received a Bachelor’s degree in English literature from the University of Rhode Island.

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