FAQ PowerWallet

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the response time if I submit an inquiry?

We strive to answer every inquiry as quickly as possible; in most cases you will hear from us within 24 hours.

Does PowerWallet support international banks?

Yes. We support some international banks.

Can I keep working as my accounts refresh?

Yes. While one of your accounts is refreshing, you are free to continue using PowerWallet and work in any of your other accounts. It is only the account in the process of refreshing that cannot be accessed during that time.

When does my data get updated on PowerWallet?

Your data gets updated every day at 3:00 AM (EST).

Privacy and Security

Is PowerWallet a secure site?

Absolutely! PowerWallet goes through rigorous testing every day to provide the highest level of security and ensure the maximum level of protection against identity theft, hackers, and other online threats.

How does PowerWallet protect my information?

PowerWallet is a read-only platform and uses 256-bit SSL encryption to send information. It is backed by some of the most stringent monitoring systems, including VeriSign, McAfee, Norton and TRUSTe.

Why does PowerWallet need my bank user names and passwords?

PowerWallet needs to communicate with your online banking system in order to download and display your financial data so you can take full advantage of all the features our site has to offer.

Does PowerWallet share my information with third parties?

No. PowerWallet will never share your information with anyone.